Monday, December 31, 2012

A Happy and Lovely New Year!

Wishing you all, my dear friends, a lovely, happy, and so blessed New Year! May each day be an unbroken source of joy, inspiration, wellness, strength, courage and so much love to skip every little stone on the path with always a beautiful and broad smile on your faces. Our Sweet God bless you all so much!
With love and lots of kisses, Marie.

via: Anne Stewart


  1. Hello, Marie. I'm a new follower, WONDERFUL blog, congratulations for this work.
    I wish you all the best on this new year and I will come here always to check this awesome work. :)

    Best regards and a Happy 2013!

  2. Chère Marie, je vous souhaite une Bonne Année!

  3. Dear Marie, so, so beautiful pics! Love your choices. Dear, have a wonderful new year, you and your family. Thanks for being a sweet inspiration to all of us.I truly love this space! Happy New Year!!!!!!

  4. Happy, Happy and Happy New Year, my dear!!! kisses

  5. My dear Marie,thanks for everything. I think I don't need to say how much your blog is lovely and wonderful. Everything here is very beautiful and is always very nice coming back and enjoy such beautiful pictures. I wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful new year, full of great peace and joy. hugs and kisses

  6. My Dear ♥ Marie ♥
    I wish you a wonderful , magical new year ♥
    I hope all your dreams came true ♥
    Have a nice evening ,
    XOXOXO ,

  7. happy new year for you too, your blog is so wonderful

  8. Thank you for your comment!you have a wonderful blog!I wish you all good Things for the new year!sorr,my english is not so good!Andrea!

  9. ♥ Marie darling, your blog is beautiful! I really enjoy it. You have great ideas to share. Hope your holiday season is filled with hapiness, joy and fun. Happy New Year and big hugs! ♥

  10. Lieve lieve Marie,

    SCHITTERENDE foto's laat je hier zien,
    het geeft zo'n mooie speciale sfeer.

    Voor jou en allen die je lief zijn
    wens ik een liefdevol, warm en
    sprookjesachtig jaar toe.

    Genieten van het leven want dat
    is het meer dan waard.

    Veel liefs

  11. Wonderful pics! Delicious is the word to your blog. Happy, Happy and Happy New Year for you with Joy, Joy and Joy! millions of kisses and hugs :):):):):):)

  12. Je souhaite à vous et toute votre famille une nouvelle année incroyable et merveilleuse, pleine de joie et de bénédictions. bisous

  13. Wonderful and gorgeous New Year, ma chère, mille milliards de baisers

  14. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true...

  15. Bellissimo post, grazie, cara. Si crea sempre un'atmosfera magica qui. Mi piace troppo. I migliori auguri a voi e la vostra famiglia, con un 2013 benedetto, sereno e pieno di gioia.
    baci mille

  16. My darling Marie, at first these images are stunning. Now, I would like to thank you very much for all the support you have given me, using my Pinterest and linking me. You're a lovely person and very delicate. And everything here is lovely as you. I love the "Marie Agneau"! I wish you and all yours a beautiful and gorgeous New Year, full of great peace, joy, health and much success with your blog, because you deserve it! With all my love and thousand kisses, Anne

  17. Vraiment, cet endroit est merveilleux. Et ce mots délicats que vous nous avez envoyés. Je souhaite que votre nouvelle année soit pleine de tous les meilleurs et très plein de paix et d'amour. Beaucoup de baisers pour toi, ma chère, Lilli

  18. Dear Marie,
    what a wonderful Post!
    Thank you for visiting ym blogs and Welcome as our new follower :O) Glad you like it here :O)
    Wish you and all of your s a happy, lovely and blessed New Year too!
    Love and hugs,

  19. grazie per la tua visita!!!!!! il tuo blog è magnifico, ti seguirò volentieri .
    ti auguro un anno pieno di gioia e salute, ti abbraccio Lory

  20. A wonderful, wonderful and wonderful new year!!! xxxx

  21. What beautiful words, dear. You should be a very delicate soul. I wish you a gorgeous new year with endless blessings. Bethy xxxxxxxxxxx

  22. A very, very HAPPY New Year, nice dreams and much love!

  23. Chérie, je te veux dans cette nouvelle année, toute le meilleur, paix et amour tout au long de l'année. Et que vous continuez à nous inspirer toujours avec ces belles images. Beaucoup de baisers,


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