Sunday, May 27, 2012

What’s in Your Dream House?

This post is about dreams, after all, dreams move our imagination and can lead us to pursue our goals in our walk. So, when I saw a post on the amazing Hooked on Houses, decided to establish a new tag: What's in your dream house? And then I can share a little of my dreams with you and you a little of yours with me. See if you like!

1- A lovely nook like this, with this exact shade of pastel blue.

2- A conservatory with this kind of decoration.

3- A venetian mirror like this, or, at least, in this style.

4- A lot of chairs, my great passion.

Well, and you? What’s in your dream house?

via: Hooked on Houses, Rachel


  1. Marie,
    THIS house in the picture at the top.....THAT would be the style of my dream house....Old style with the porch, a screened in porch on the back, of course....but with new plumbing and wiring and insulation as well as whole heating and air conditioning AND fireplaces and ceiling fans in each bedroom....Oh, yeah,.....I REALLTY don't ask for much, do I! LOL
    PS and an english garden with a gardener in the back, with a guest house!

  2. And a bathroom contected to each bedroom, and a floor plan I could make myself....with that wonderful reading nook in your other post....and....


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